• A great presentation is a focused conversation – you meet the audience's needs for information with which to make better decisions by delivering a compelling "story", in an engaging manner, using supportive visuals, facts and anecdotes; while doing so you are confident in your mastery of the subject so you are projecting a leader presence.

  • Our approach to presentation training is comprehensive: we focus on both the presenter and the presentation. We improve the presentation to make it compelling; we help the presenter align the message with his/her personal interests to present it authentically and use his/her own communication style in order to tap into normal conversation strengths to present confidently, powerfully and persuasively. The goal is to guide the audience's decision-making and inspire them to want to follow the leader's advice.

  • We address five core areas to enable presenters to design and deliver WINning presentations:
    • Substance – Focus the contenton What's Important Now by eliminating distractive clutter.
    • Structure – The sequence is organized to flow to its logical conclusion: to motivate action.
    • Style – The presentation must be engaging, use power language and supportive, attractive visuals. It must be aligned with the speaker's style and resonate with the audience.
    • Speaker – To project a "leader presence" of authenticity to generate trust, speakers must use speech, tone, body language, etc. to exude enthusiasm: selling is the transfer of enthusiasm.
    • Setting – Consider the impact of time, place, relationship with audience and communication channel (e.g., face-to-face with small, medium and/or large groups, vs. webinar, recordings, etc.).

  • Training Agenda

  • Our program consists of a 4-week training period, wrapped around a full day of training. Two weeks before the program, all participants complete and return a Needs Assessment Survey and a sample PowerPoint with which to practice on the training day. On the training day the group learns key design and delivery issues ("Presentation 201"). Then, each person gets to practice: you deliver your presentation and then critique it based on what you've learned; all participants then add their insights and perspectives, to help you identify how to polish the presentation and its delivery. In the next two weeks you get to make the changes and then submit them for feedback from your Instructor/facilitator.

  • In the corporate training context, participants discover how different people handle similar material! One outcome often is how to create and improve the template! Also as different members' strength and weaknesses are identified, the team learns how to help each other so everyone can more effectively develop and deliver winning presentations.

  • To discuss implementing these solutions for your company, contact Dr. Cahn directly: jerrycahn@presentationexcellence.com.

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