Leadership Conference Training

  • Companies often have annual or semi-annual meetings to ensure that all the leaders are in sync with the strategy, aligned around the culture and stepping up to the Leadership challenges facing the company. Making sure this event it a bulls-eye is critical to success.

  • Ensure success by making sure that:
    • One key branding message is being delivered by every leader – so everyone else in the company knows what directions to follow; leave nothing to chance.
    • Each individual leader's message must be focused, succinct, engaging and compelling.
    • All presentations must be aligned with the business strategy each leader's presentation should be coordinated with others with all orchestrated to be part of a powerful whole.
    • Each leader is confident about his/her message and comfortable presenting to the group.
    • The goal is for the audience to be inspired, energized and mobilized to accomplish the ambitious mission that our company wants to achieve.

  • Presentation Excellence has experience working with leaders and managers to make sure that everyone's message is persuasive and delivered confidently. Moreover, we know that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, so we focus on alignment and coordination.

  • To discuss implementing these solutions for your company, contact Dr. Cahn directly: jerrycahn@presentationexcellence.com.

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