Executive Presentation Workshop

Friday, August 16th, 2024 :  New York City, NY

Unleash Your Potential: Be a Confident and Powerful Presenter
Deliver WINNING Presentations!

What's holding you back from being a powerful presenter, who delivers an enthusiastic, impactful presentations?

  • Fear of speaking to Boards, government committees, large groups, virtual audiences, etc.?
  • Being clear on the goal - the decision the audience should make?
  • Non-engaging design - too many words, too few good images?
  • Leaving in lots of facts and figures they don't need to see or hear?
  • Not structuring the presentation to guide decision-making?
  • Missing the needs of the key group decision-makers?
  • Ignoring the emotionally compelling reason to act?
  • Using presentation templates that weaken your delivery impact?
  • Forgetting that it's the audience's need to know, not your nervousness that counts?

Presentations are conversations in which you give people the logical and emotional reasons to make a decision on when, where, why and how to act. You need to control your content, style, words, graphics, presentation media, and/or context in order to create a compelling presentation.

Now, you can work with The Presentation Master in a small group setting, without paying for one-on-one services! You can learn how to organize and deliver a powerful presentation with visuals or without that engage the audience. Seeing that you can do so, will give you the confidence to take on bigger and bigger assignments. This course uniquely teaches you to master presentation substance, sequence, style and setting, as well as improve your speaking skills!


This workshop is led by Jerry Cahn, Ph.D., J.D., our president/CEO. He's worked with 5000+ clients, including leaders of Fortune 100 corporations, Investment Bankers, Venture Capitalists, Advertising Agencies, Investor and Public Relations firms , and helped them with leader, management, sales, marketing, IPO, M&A and other presentations. In addition, he teaches business courses for CUNY in strategy, leadership and negotiations.

If you're really ready to change so you can be confident and powerful and fulfill your leadership potential, this workshop is for you.

Date: Friday, August 16th, 2024
Time: Full-Day Workshop (9AM-5PM)
Place: TBA, New York City, NY
Investment: $995
Save $100 if you register before August 2nd, 2024
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Program attendees have included leaders from companies such as:

"Excellent investment of time and money. Tremendous bang-for-the-buck all in the confines of a single day event." - J.O, Company Pres and GM

"This workshop is a “booster shot” for anyone that presents often and finds that they are no longer effective in reaching their audiences. It re-energizes your thinking and refreshes the key principles you long forgot." P.C, SVP, Human Resources.

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